New Wellington Workers Solidarity Network - New Zealand

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New Wellington Workers Solidarity Network - New Zealand


We currently experience the lowest rate of strikes and industrial action in our history. The law has constricted industrial action. We can only strike legally once negotiations have broken down. Any industrial action taken outside
these strict laws can lead to unions copping massive fines, or suspension/instant dismissal of workers.

At the same time, there is clearly a need for industrial action. We work some of the longest hours in the OECD. Our real wages keep decreasing, so profits soar. Unemployment and the cost of living keeps increasing, so our debt

We are forming a new workers’ network in Wellington to support workers to fight for better wages and working conditions. We aim to support unionised and non-unionised workers to creatively get around these laws. We aim to win workplace struggles by generating effective community solidarity and publicity.


• If you want to
join our e-mail and text message list, please e-mail us on We will send out texts and emails when your support is required at workplace actions.

• You’re welcome to attend our
foundation meeting: Tuesday August 31st at 7pm, upstairs meeting room, Wellington People’s Centre, Lukes Lane.

At this meeting, we will discuss our aims, tactics, funding mechanisms, and
organisational structure. Your input is most welcome.

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best of luck with this, please do keep us updated.