New Zealand earthquake

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Feb 22 2011 14:01
New Zealand earthquake

Haven't seen a thread about this yet.

Is everyone ok?

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Feb 22 2011 21:26

Have gotten word that some Christchurch comrades and members of BR are safe, still haven't heard anything from Jared though. I'm not too sure what the deal with the phone network is but I think it was down for quite a while yesterday so in anycase it is kind of hard to get in touch with people. Keep in mind that there are still lots of aftershocks, some as big as magnitude 5 so its not over by a long shot yet.

Relatives of mine are safe, their house is totally ruined though.

Also the Prime Minister has said a national state of emergency will be decalred this morning. I'm really not too sure what that would mean for those of us outside of Christchurch though.

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Feb 22 2011 21:31

Okay it appears that the comrade who posts here as Jared is safe.

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Feb 22 2011 22:10

Hi folks, as Olly pointed out, Beyond Resistance comrades are ok. Al, who posts here often, tried to pull people from a collapsed shop in his local shopping area, but sadly they had died. They have now set up a community kitchen in their street and are providing support.

Addignton, the area I live in, seems ok. However there were a number of heating issues unresolved from the September shake and with winter steadily approaching, keeping people warm is going to be even more of an issue as a result of yesterday's quake.

Some talk of wages relief for workers but nothing concrete yet. Unfortunately it looks like some of our comrades in Unite union may be missing: they are predominately central-city fast-food workers or security guards.

Will try and keep everyone posted re organising relief. We saw a shock doctrine put in place by the state last year, so I wonder what we face now...

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Feb 23 2011 01:22

Thinking of youse.

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Feb 23 2011 05:19

I've heard directly or indirectly from pretty much all the anarchist/activist crew in Chch by now - everyone is unhurt thankfully, though some people's houses have sustained damage ranging from minor to pretty major (at least 1 person I know's house is now totally unlivable). There;s still a couple of people I haven't heard from yet though. One of the local friendly activist lawyers worked in a building that's mostly destroyed - I don't know if he was in his office at the time or what.

A number of people have left Christchurch to stay with friends/family in other cities for the time being.

It's a fucking awful situation sad Lots of love to the BR crew!

A BR member and union organiser who was heavily involved in making sure businesses continued to pay their workers after the first major quake in September last year posted on Facebook earlier today that it seems like most places are continuing to pay staff so far - so at least people don't have to worry about money as much as they try to put their lives back together.

So far the official death toll stands at 75, with hundreds still missing.

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Feb 28 2011 03:51

Kia Ora Whanau!

Yep we're all good - however there's lots to be done. Entire neighbourhoods have been left in the dark and are organising themselves to facilitate water and food distribution. Beyond Resistance members have been in the thick of it in the Linwood and Avonside communities, some of the hardest hit with loss of homes, power and water - many are knee deep in silt.

Aid in some areas has been very slow in coming and it's clear that there is an imbalance of service and assistance from one neighbourhood to the next. Beyond Resistance has been working hard with neighbours to collect resources and to spread them as far and wide as possible, however our resources are becoming scarce.

Some fellow NZ anarchists have asked who best to send funds to etc. For the sake of ease of access I've suggested one of my accounts. I'm located in an area much less affected by the quake but have the ability to access the worse off neighbourhoods. I've got together another package of food and water for our comrades in Linwood/Avonside but our funds are now coming close to being exhausted.

There is still a great deal of work to do and even getting the basics is proving difficult for the Eastern suburbs of the city.

If you wish to forward money or put on a fund-raiser to help fellow anarchists getting stuck in when it counts feel free to forward donations to:

Westpac account 03 0675 0423909 017

Hopefully some of the other NZ comrades can verify my honesty smile Thank you!

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Feb 28 2011 08:54

Best of luck to you all!

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Feb 28 2011 18:56
Jared wrote:
Al, who posts here often, tried to pull people from a collapsed shop in his local shopping area, but sadly they had died.

crikey that's awful. i've never experienced anything like this, i'm sure everyone here has you in mind.

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Feb 28 2011 19:43

I can definitely vouch for snooch. If anyone is planning on giving a bit of money to the relief effort I promise you it will be in very good hands with snooch and the rest of the BR crew.

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Feb 28 2011 22:14

Updates here:

Also, we organisers and unions need to be stepping up and ensuring workers are a) not forced to work, and b) are paid accordingly (regardless of in work or not). Key and Brownlee are harping on about back to normal economics, but no one should have to go in, especially with the dead still amongst the rubble in the city.

There's going to be a lot of unemployed and angry from this. Workers are already being laid off. With winter coming there is going to be a lot of despair — this is a real issue for many workers in CHCH.

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Mar 1 2011 06:13

Just an update to mention that the activist friendly lawyer I mentioned in my previous post is unhurt. As are the remaining anarchists/activists I had yet to hear from/about when I wrote my previous post.

Also, I can totally vouch for the bank account provided above by snooch - the Beyond Resistance crew have been doing fantastic work in obviously difficult circumstances and any financial support that people/organisations can give them would be well worth doing.

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Mar 2 2011 10:37
snooch wrote:

Westpac account 03 0675 0423909 017

International transfers need the following info.

Sending money back to Australia

When you are travelling, or living overseas, and need to send money back to Australia safely and quickly, you can send an overseas telegraphic transfer from most banks.
What you will need

The bank account details of the person you are sending the money to, including their:

* Bank name
* Branch name
* Account name
* Account number
* Westpac swift code WPACAU2S

Fees and charges

The overseas bank you use to send funds to Australia will charge you a fee, which varies depending on the bank and country. In addition to this fee, we charge $10.00 if your payment is to a Westpac account.

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Mar 2 2011 21:17

That swift code may not be correct - I wouldn't be surprised if Westpac in Australia and New Zealand have different codes.

I requested the international donation info from the BR folks last night - some of us AWSMers and others in Welly are organising a national/international callout for donations for BR to go out in about a week, so the details will be out then if not before.

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Mar 2 2011 23:55


Beyond Resistance has opened an account for donations to aid our relief work in Christchurch. This account is called the ‘Unite’ fund as it is under a BR member’s name (who is also in Unite). Before our request the fund was empty, and anything donated to this fund will not be lost amongst Unite or any other aid funds, and is directly controlled by Beyond Resistance.

So far we have been generously gifted over $550 by many people — for this we cannot thank you enough.

We will be buying dust masks, as the dust from both rubble and dried silt is highly toxic. We will also be using it for things like printing supplies (for notices, flyers etc), water, food and other essentials. In the long term such a fund will help around organising throughout the CHCH winter, and what we imagine will be the implementation of ‘disaster capitalism’ by the National Government (which we are already seeing it now with proposed cuts to Working For Families, an aid for low to mid income workers).

Again, thanks for all your support. Will try to keep people updated as much as possible.

Here’s the account again:

Westpac Bank
Unite Fund
03 0675 0423909 017

In solidarity,

Jared (CHCH Treasurer)



The Avonside kitchen has been scaled down. Local residents will get together for potlucks, meetings etc as people feel able and as needs permit. It is a little calmer now with power and water back on. People are feeling more confortable staying in their homes now.

BR members have been speaking with the folk at Te Whare Roimata and are looking at linking in with them now for resource distro etc. They have a Community Art gallery as a make shift Centre set up, so looking to move all supplies that are donated to BR to this space. It's close by and very excessable. They are very connected to the community and do a newsletter which BR will look to connect into also.

The dust is incredibly bad in CHCH East, with the liquifaction drying out and the wind getting up. Aid workers were driving around watering the streets in Avonside yesterday. It's incredible the amount of the stuff that has come up.

The local Shoalin Kung Fu club is keen to open up to the community, with games for kids i.e. 3 legged races, tag, soccer plus all sorts of other fun kids activities. There will be qi gong exercises, basic punches, kickes etc, arobics exercises etc for the adults. This event is to get people loosened up, get people moving, have some fun
and get together.

In Addington Beyond Resistance members and their friends are involved in the Addington Action Committee — a residents based group which has sprung up in response to the Earthquake. While not hit as hard as CHCH East, the area is home to a number of potentially vulnerable people, with public housing, the Salvation Army addiction support centre, elderly residents and young families based in the area. A help centre has been set up at Manuka Cottage (45 Dickens Street), with a phone number to ring for both aid, and to lend a hand. A facebook page will be up and running soon, as well as door knocking and flyer drops to those not already contacted.

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Mar 3 2011 00:14

yeah I was popping in to do a holler for an international donation facility. Wondering how possible it is for someone to set up a paypal to that account instead of bank transfers. From Australia it will cost about $35 to put money in that account. With paypal it'll cost somewhere between $0-1.

I know it's a hard ask at this point as it's a bit of dicking around for smooch. Or maybe someone else with a paypal account could donate theirs to use as a channel?

Given the exchange rate is currently about AUD$1 = NZD$1.35 I'm really keen to get as many of my friends over here to donate as much as possible since the money will go that much further. Of course it's even higher for the pound and euro.

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Mar 10 2011 10:27

Callout for funds for Beyond Resistance, organising after the devastating Christchurch earthquake

On February 22nd at just before 1pm, a devastating earthquake, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale, and just 10km deep, hit Christchurch, the second biggest city in New Zealand. So far over 160 people have been officially declared dead and that toll is expected to rise to over 200. The earthquake came less than 6 months after a destructive 7.1 magnitude shock, which claimed no lives but saw thousands of homes and buildings damaged or destroyed.

In the wake of the February quake, a number of grassroots groups and networks have sprung up across the city to help people access the resources and support they needed to survive. Beyond Resistance, an anarchist group, was heavily involved in providing support in the working class suburbs of Avonside and Linwood, while other members also got involved in the relief effort in other parts of the city.

Beyond Resistance need your help! Money is needed to buy resources, to print leaflets and flyers and to organise meetings. Any donations will be greatly appreciated, and can be made to:

Bank name Westpac
Branch name Queenstown
Account name Unite Fund
Account number 03 0675 0423909 017
Westpac swift code WPACNZ2W

For many residents in the hard hit working class Eastern suburbs of Christchurch, aid from the Government, City Council and large NGOs such as the Red Cross was sorely lacking. More than 2 weeks on from the quake, many still have no (or extremely limited) power supplies and no running water. State-provided portaloos and chemical toilets are still far from accessible for many residents.

In Linwood, Beyond Resistance members set up a community kitchen in the front yard of two members’ house within hours of the earthquake. From here they distributed meals, gas canisters, water, hand sanitiser, facemasks (huge amounts of pollution and dust were spread by high winds) and other much needed supplies. They engaged in door-knocking around Linwood and Avonside to assess people’s needs and organised bike deliveries of food, water and gas (many of the roads are still impassable by car). More details about the work they have been doing can be found on their website,

Over the coming days, weeks and months, Beyond Resistance members will continue to help provide resources to people who need them. Additionally, they are working to link up the various neighbourhood based support groups scattered across the city. They also plan to organise politically to try to ensure that the rebuilding of Christchurch is done in a way that meets the needs of residents, not business and the state. They will be active in organising against Government cuts to services around the country that use the earthquake as an excuse to further punish working class people (both employed and unemployed) for the benefit of the wealthy.

If you have any questions about this fundraising callout, please email the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement, one of the organisations helping to coordinate support for Beyond Resistance from Wellington - info [ at ]