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Aug 18 2007 05:09
Not been paid

Hey there,

could anyone let me know what I can do in Australia if my old employer hasn't given me my final pay. It was supposed to go into my account yesterday and hasn't. They also havent given us any pay slips yet.

I havent contacted them yet. They have been a bit slack before and am worried they're taking the piss because I'm no longer in the area.

This hasn't just happened to me, but to my friend who I was working with also. We are both out here working on working holiday visas.

What should be our first steps. What rights do we have?


Mike Harman
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Aug 18 2007 16:31

I don't know anything about Australia in regards to this, but you won't be able to do anything else until you've spoken to them.

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Aug 21 2007 12:11

Ring them.

If they still don't pay you, ring a relevant union. If that's no help, go to the workplace ombudsmen person.