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Feb 5 2007 01:11
one for the history geeks

anyone seen this?
lotsa good stuff
a friend of mine was involved din it ans says theres all sorts of stuff archived on it so have a look

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Feb 5 2007 05:52

Wow. That looks really good only had a brief look and my reading list is now huge

princess mob
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Feb 5 2007 10:41

thanks for that.
my history geek got very excited... then my history geek got real geeky & started listing ommissions...
but some of the downloads are great!

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Apr 12 2007 00:10

I'm poo's friend who has been involved in putting the site together.
The site is by no means comprehensive—there are many many omissions—and in particular there is limited material on anarchist activism (material from Jim Dawson's Southern Advocate for Workers Council's being an interesting exception:
If you have scans of documents of Australian stuff which you think people would be interested in then you should get touch and I can add them (or rather organise for them to be added as my involvement with the site is winding up).
Just email