On a positive note, BSN ...

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Jul 2 2013 05:04
On a positive note, BSN ...

A while ago, I mentioned that for the Australian anarchist movement to grow, it is important to publicly note the little victories.

So yesterday the Brisbane Solidarity Network facebook site hit it's new high of 500 likes.

In the past several weeks there has been several rounds of postering and production/distribution of zines; participants with the Network have attended anti-government meetings around Campbell Newman's proposed closing of various public high schools; organised Pro-West-Papua info nights; promoted (Brisbane) Tent Embassy events, and there have been some informal discussions around the G20 (so come up it's gunna be fun). And more that I didn't keep up with.

In Brisbane, regular discussions had been happening around Anarchist theoretical topics. And last Friday a free public gig (with local punk bands) was held under a prominent bridge to raise awareness around Talisman Sabre war games and the construction of permanent USA military bases in Queensland. Sadly this time the cops didn't think it was a big enough threat to bother turning up sad