Radical Visioning for Brisbane - Open Discussion Circle

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Aug 27 2011 08:50
Radical Visioning for Brisbane - Open Discussion Circle

Called by Barbra H, this is a chance for anarchists, auton-marxists and non-authoritarian radicals to have an open 'where-to-from-here' discussion.

A time to evaluate the projects we have done in the past, and propose plans or visions for the future. Also a chance to examine the events of this year, and how we would respond in the future, should things happen in Brisbane.

The idea is to begin moving away from 'reacting' and step towards 'constructing' situations in Brisbane. Also it's just good to get to know what people are doing, know where ya at, and where ya want to be.

BYO lunch, drinks and good vibes. Walk up the side of the 'Justice Products' building, 192 Boundary St, West End. The action is on the rear deck.

ALSO it is the 11th year anniversary of the s11 Blockade of the W.E.F. in Melbourne. To celebrate we will screen "Melbourne Rising: s11 protest against the World Economic Forum" by Ska TV. But only after the debates are done.

So, it's an open discussion circle, tell ya mates!

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Aug 27 2011 09:27

So it is on Sunday 11th?