Rally for Christchurch!

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Mar 23 2011 01:27
Rally for Christchurch!

Rally For Christchurch!

This event, created by Action for Christchurch East, is for residents who want to get involved in the Christchurch recovery and want to help build local community networks. We’re tired of being talked to by politicians who leave us feeling that our concerns and opinions do not count.

The Rally takes place on Saturday April 2 at 1:00pm and will be located at Linwood Park, Woolston (opposite EastGate Mall, Christchurch)

Action for Christchurch East aims to present an opportunity for residents to have their say and to hear what many are thinking – when the chips are down it’s our neighbours and the people around us that get us through…

Whilst the dust settles decisions that affect us all are being made behind closed doors. Concerns about heating, water, employment, the city rebuild, accountability and Government Policy are being swept under the carpet…

The Rally will help build upon the links and forums that are rapidly emerging throughout our communities…

…This is Our City…Lets take it back!