Recent attack on MARC (Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre)...anybody have any other details.

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Sep 28 2009 06:15
Recent attack on MARC (Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre)...anybody have any other details.

Apparently a small group of 4 neo-Nazi's armed with mace entered the MARC space during a meeting of one of the user groups in some lame fucking attempt to intimidate the people inside and knocked a few books off the shelves.

They were in a tizz about the smashing of a window of 'Hold Fast Tattoo' which was bombed with Antifa graffitti.

If there is any more detail regarding this incident please post it up here...

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Sep 28 2009 08:47

When i read this i thought it said "armed with a mace." and pictured a big bonehead taking a swing at a swift little anarchist who ducked, hitting books off the shelf (how the situation de-escalated from there i have no idea).

So they had pepper spray right? Or was it actually a fuck-off mace?
Are people ok?

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Sep 28 2009 13:50

i was thinking they had a mace as well.

reported to the cops?

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Sep 28 2009 23:23

Of course it wasn't reported to the cops.

People are okay as far as I know.

There'll probably be an official statement later. Will endeavour to post it up here if/when there is.

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Oct 6 2009 06:44

Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre (MARC) attacked by neo-Nazis

Recently, the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre (MARC) in Northcote was attacked by neo-Nazis. Based on what those responsible for the attack stated, it is understood to have been in response to an alleged, recent anti-fascist action which took place in Burwood, on or about Monday, September 14, 2009.

More statements may follow from the groups who use the space, but for the moment one of those present has written the following, brief description of what happened:

"At 3pm Monday the 28th of September, several of us were sitting in the Barricade bookshop when four men entered through the front door. One of them, who was carrying a can of mace [pepper spray], yelled for us to sit down and that they had a message to deliver (he also asked who was in charge!). They proceeded to deliver a message that amounted to threatening that the MARC space would be the first point of call if there was any more antifa [anti-fascist] activity in Melbourne. They pushed over two bookshelves and swept some zines off the table as they left… Nobody was hurt, and there was no damage done to the space, just some disorganised books. We were all a bit shaken, but looked after each other."

The four males who attended the space were described as being white, as aged between their early 20s and mid-30s, well built, with shaved heads and tattoos.

Typical boneheads, in other words.

One bonehead was referred to as ‘Justin’, and he did most of the yelling. Justin has tattoos on his neck and hands. A second bonehead also spoke. He has reddish hair, tattoos on his neck, and was wearing a green bomber jacket. The third and fourth boneheads were younger; one was described as being ’stocky’, while the other was wearing a ‘Crew 38′ (Hammerskins) patch on his jacket (and also as having odd-looking eyebrows).

Note that Control of Weapons Regulations 2000 defines “An article designed or adapted to discharge oleoresin capsicum spray” as a prohibited weapon.


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Oct 13 2009 06:08

MAC statement on neo-Nazi attack on MARC