Rembrandt Suits picket in Wellington

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Dec 7 2008 06:31
Rembrandt Suits picket in Wellington

Workers from Rembrandt Suits held a picket on Saturday 6th December outside the Kirkaldie & Stains department store in central Wellington after receiving a pitiful offer from Rembrandt bosses.

The workers, skilled and experienced machinists (one of whom has worked for the company for 20 years) are currently on the minimum wage and are asking for $13.50 / hour. They have been offered only a 24 cent increase, which would take them to $12.24. Most of the workers require Government subsidies just to survive.

Recently, almost half the workforce at Rembrandt were made redundant (some "voluntary", some not), meaning those workers left will be required to absorb much of the work once done by those colleagues.

The workers are unionised by the National Distribution Union (NDU), who are asking supporters to contact Rembrandt Managing Director David Lyford to tell him to stop being such a miser. You can reach him at (04) 567 4820 or on lyfordD (at)

A short video from the picket is available at