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Apr 10 2008 17:41
slackbastard v mathaba

On April 8, 'alternative news service' Mathaba News Network sent a nasty letter to distribute it, "one of the largest and fastest growing auDA, NZ and ICANN-accredited registrars in Australia". That is, a company which provides, among other services, access to domain names. In this case, The subject of their complaint was a post on my blog, slackbastard, formerly hosted by anarchobase. The blog post in question concerned the nature of the news service, and in particular the recent history of its owner, Adam Musa King. As the post in question details, Mr King was formerly known as Louis Istvan Szondy, a name which he formally abandoned in 1990 -- according to one source -- and June 1999 -- according to another (the UK legal firm Carter Ruck).

While the exact nature of the complaint, which alleges that the post in question is in some way 'defamatory', is a little murky -- Mathaba didn't actually bother to contact me directly with their concerns -- the main complaint seems to rely upon my having republished an extract from a newspaper report, viz, an article from the October 21, 2001 edition of The Sunday Telegraph, which is reproduced in the legal judgement of Lord Justice Brook of May 18, 2004, paragraph 11.

The case presided over by Lord Justice Brook was an appeal by The Sunday Telegraph against an earlier, adverse ruling against them, brought by Carter Ruck on behalf of Mr. King: "This is an appeal by the defendants, the Telegraph Ltd, from certain parts of an order made by Mr Justice Eady in this libel action on June 9th 2003" (paragraph 1). To cut a long story short, Mr King/Szondy objected to the contents of the October 21, 2001 article as being defamatory...

The crucial point, inre to all of the above, is that in my post I made note of the fact that Mr. King won his case, and that the allegations made in the October 2001 articles (there were two) published in The Sunday Telegraph were demonstrably false. Nevertheless, Mathaba News Service has felt compelled to apply legal pressure in order to silence my blog.

[See my blog entry for a continuation of my account...]

In the meantime, slackbastard is down for the time being, and I'm being forced to resume blogging @ blogspot. is, incidentally, one of the homes of Welf Herfurth, a regular contributor to the site. Welf is also the leader of the Sydney-based fascist grouping New Right, aka, the 'national anarchists'. You'll remember them from such protests as APEC.

Unsurprisingly, local members of the world's leading white supremacist website Stormfront, under the heading 'New Right Strikes Back', have noted with premature glee the fact that slackbastard is temporarily unavailable. According to 'Pan European Anglo': "Due to legal action taken by NR/NA, one of the 'bastards' [sic] websites has been taken down"; which is -- presumably -- only half-right. That is, even though NR/NA's chief ideologue Welf Herfurth is a regular contributor to the 'news service', Adam Musa King and don't claim to be members of the New Right or to be 'national anarchists' as such.

In terms of the response to the attempt to shutdown slackbastard, in a gesture of solidarity, machinegunkeyboard has re-published the original offending piece, and it's certainly open to others to do the same. In the final analysis, the threat of defamation proceedings is being used in an attempt to intimidate and to silence a critic of the far right, and I would hope that others view this measure with the same concern as I do.

Back online soon! -- my (temporary) new home