solidarity please

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Sep 22 2006 00:57
solidarity please

Hey there, a very good friend of the irgcollective ( whose social conscience is unquestionable particularly relating to animal rights is currently in the firing line at their place of work in Brisbane, Australia due to being a perceived threat to management. For many years our friend has been trying to influence the (dis)organisation's policies and educate staff towards real change as the (dis)organisational focus at the moment is very much on image protection at great expense. Our friend is thought very highly of by both fellow workers and others of technical authority, but unfortunately workers feel as though they have no voice after being bullied into submission over time. Since the Prime Minister of Australia the (dis)honourable John Howard has implimented new Industrial Relations legislation removing unfair dismissal laws, activists within the workforce are being targeted more than ever before. Our friend's workplace has an extremely high public profile with many other organisations very keen to be associated with it. An attempt by our friend to unionise the workplace failed due to previously alluded to fear of management and a high profile syndicalist union with branches in Australia are not responding to attempted contact by one of our comrades. A member of the IRGC has started to make contact with workers of influence within the (dis)organisation so as to organise some low key direct action from within should our friend be sacked (petitions, work to rule, refusal to leave etc), but we have limited faith in the success of this so we also want to go on the offence from outside the (dis)organisation by having in place a massive public response of solidarity. This, we hope will take the form of email flooding, petitions, information distribution of the kind that this image protecting workplace attempts to hide, information stalls outside of the workplace, on site rallies or flash mobs, disruption to events, boycotts of organisations associated with this (dis)organisation etc until our friend is reinstated and changes made to the (dis)organisation. Members of the IRGC have been sacked before for standing up for fellow workers etc and once again we find ourselves preparing to stand toe to toe. Please support us by spreading this message far and wide and contacting us at with ideas and messages of solidarity so that if our friend is sacked we will have in place a strong network so as to provide a fast and suitable response. We guarantee full and frank details of the situation, names, organisation etc will be provided when the time is right. Yours in solidarity, isc-ae (IRGC)

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will do