State of NZ

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Jan 27 2008 05:26
State of NZ

Does anyone know any good blogs or websites or books etc relating to trends and events in NZ.

For example, i feel racism (between pakeha and maori and ,importantly, vice versa) is becoming more prominent and acceptable in everyday life. I suspect atleast partly as a reaction to the nationalist Maori sovereignty movement, the Ureweras separatist race based 'struggle' if you can call it that - that has had so much media coverage since the urewera 'terrorist raids'.

Interested in what others think ??

anna x
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Jan 27 2008 10:57

Contact Asher if you haven't already. I think he's got a blog and I know that he's one of many who has his 'finger on tha pulse' in NZ. Skraeling and yuda also post here and are busy little bees.
all the best.