Sydney Class Struggle Discussion Circle

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N. Rossi
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Jun 11 2009 10:14
Sydney Class Struggle Discussion Circle

The Sydney Class Struggle Discussion Circle is an open coming together of workers, students and unemployed from different backgrounds and class struggle political tendencies. It is a meeting place open to all who wish to break down the barriers of political isolation and discuss and debate political question from radical perspectives in a fraternal atmosphere.

The goal of the Sydney Class Struggle Discussion Circle is the political clarification of its participants. The discussion of the group thus seeks to analyse the current struggles of the working class, draw out and reappropriate the positions and historical lessons of the revolutionary workers movement and to develop a revolutionary perspective to address the challenges facing the working class and humanity as a whole today against exploitation, oppression and the horrors of capitalism.

Meeting details:

Topic: The Economic Crisis: Class Responses and Solutions
Where: Jura Bookstore, 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
When: Sunday, 28/06/09, 2pm
Additional information: Short presentation to be given, followed by a couple hours of open discussion

All welcome!

For more information, questions or anything else please contact:

Email: n.rossi[at]
or by PM to this Libcom user account

N. Rossi
Joined: 29-01-09
Jun 21 2009 08:52


First meeting is next weekend.

Hope to see you there.

Even for those of you who can't make it or live else where around the country or the world, please feel free to PM any questions, comments and criticisms.

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Jun 21 2009 12:10

Keep us updated on how it goes, good luck smile

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Jun 26 2009 10:03

Was going to come, then realised it's on sunday not saturday. sad