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Feb 22 2014 13:16
Upcoming events Brisbane

Brisbane G20 Coordination Network-- Popular Education Session on 'Working Together!'
2nd of March 10am-12am @ Justice Place, 5 Abingdon Street, Wooloongabba

Bakunin: 200th Anniversary Event:
Live music from Pink Mouse and Andy Paine, Anarchist Stalls, films, raffle. 1st of March @ Turnstyle Social Centre 10-12 Laura Street Highgate Hill, 6:30pm

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Apr 11 2014 17:28

No gods, no masters, but there will be plenty of sandwiches and sunshine, as anarchy descends on the streets of Brisbane in the form of THE ANARCHIST PICNIC (2.0). Saturday 26th April, 12pm (that’s midday!) Musgrave Park, West End. Food, stalls and more


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Apr 25 2014 09:30

To our friends and comrades

Our lives are dominated by work, but our experiences as workers is most often ignored by mainstream politics and the media

This year the May Day Group wishes to hold a worker’s inquiry. We hope to gather with fellow workers to discuss as equals the nature of our conditions and the possibilities for collective action.

How do we as workers respond to the massive changes we see around us in our working lives, and in the relationships between ourselves as workers, our trade unions, the owners of big business, and the government.This workers inquiry is an attempt to start a conversation from the grass roots. What are our individual working lives like? How are they changing? How can we respond most effectively in a collective manner?
To explore these issues we will pose the following questions as starting point for our day of discussion
• Theme: Life and work
o How would you say that work shapes your identity?
o How does work impact on living a life you would like to live?
o How much of your life outside of work feels like work?
• Theme: The Working Day
o What does your work day look like?
o What relation do you and your workmates have with a union if any?
o Does casualization impact at your workplace? In what ways?
• Theme: Work, Organisation & Struggle
o How does management impact you during your workday?
o Are there things that workers in your workplace do to create a sense of dignity?
o What should we do? What can we do?

Ultimately all of us would like to see how we can build a better world. That world may be a long way off. But the journey starts from the lived experience of each of us

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May 1 2014 12:16
On Friday, May 2 members of the Brisbane branch of the Australia First Party (AF) have organised a march and rally with local supporters of the Greek neo-Nazi organisation Golden Dawn (GD). The fascists intend to assemble at The Greek Club (29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane) for a rally at 11.30am and then march on the Greek consulate (Level 36, Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane) to hold a picket between 1pm and 4pm in support of GD.

Having already held rallies in solidarity with GD in Sydney in December 2013 and February 2014, this is the first time that AF has publicly announced a protest of this sort prior to its occurrence. It therefore represents an opportunity to show AF, GD and the wider public that open expressions of support for racism, fascism and neo-Nazism will not be tolerated. (Note that AF previously attempted to disrupt the 2014 Invasion Day march in Brisbane.)

For more details on AF and their neo-Nazi cousins in GD see 'False dawn: fascism in Greece and Australia', overland, April 11, 2014 (http://overland.org.au/2014/04/false-dawn-fascism-in-greece-and-australi...).

Counter picket 11am @ The Greek Club 29 Edmonton Street West End 2nd of May 2014

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Jun 23 2014 03:03

Anarchist Picnic 4.0!

No gods, no masters, but there will be plenty of sandwiches and sunshine, as anarchy descends on the streets of Brisbane in the form of THE ANARCHIST PICNIC (4.0). Saturday 28 June, 12pm (that's midday!) *DIFFERENT LOCATION* = Orleigh Park, West End.

Come and hang out with your favourite anarchist or two as we nourish our palates (etc) for an hour or two.

Kids welcome!

Fundraiser for Sam Mbah

Join us for a Film, Food and Drinks and entertainment from 'The' Gerald Keaney and local electro gems Brainbeau.There will be a raffle so be sure to bring your pennies as this is an effort alongside Sydneys Jura Books to raise money for a much needed heart operation for Nigerian veteran anarchist Sam Mbah. Entry is free but Donations are encouraged. Be sure to rug up and bring a buddy or six.

The following is taken from Jura Books website:
Sam Mbah is an anarchist author and activist from Nigeria. Jura has been in contact with Sam for some years. Jeremy, from the Jura Collective, spent time with him in 2012, interviewing him and setting up his blog. Jeremy writes, "When I was in Nigeria in 2012, I sought out Sam Mbah and spent a couple of weeks getting to know him. Since then I’ve been in regular phone and email contact with him. He is an amazingly inspiring person. A veteran activist who was part of a (successful) movement against a dictatorship and who helped to build a 1,000-member anarchist organisation. Sam is also an anthropologist whose research on traditional African societies and their anarchistic elements is of great importance. His book ‘African Anarchism’ is excellent, and he hopes to publish more in the future. He is a beacon for anarchism in West Africa - a significant part of the world where anarchism could and should grow significantly. Even though monetary donations to an individual might not be the most preferable form of global solidarity, I think supporting Sam at this time is a very worthwhile project. I encourage all anarchists and fellow-travellers to make a donation if you can."

Saturday 28th of June 5pm @ 10 Laura Street Highgate Hill (Turnstyle Social Centre)

More info http://www.solnet.co.nr

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Jul 23 2014 04:37

International Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman
Friday at 1:00pm
King George Square in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Supporters of Jock Palfreeman in Brisbane will be holding a picket at 1PM on Friday 25th of July at King George Square as part of a global day of solidarity.

Jock Palfreeman is an Australian serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria. In 2007 he was travelling in Bulgaria when he defended two Roma men being attacked by soccer hooligans; in the ensuing fight, one of the attackers was killed under unclear circumstances. After a biased trial, Jock was convicted of murder, and the Bulgarian authorities refuse to transfer him from the notoriously run-down prison he is held in to Australia, without paying a huge fine. While in prison, Jock helped form the Bulgarian Prisoners Union, and has been beaten by guards in retaliation for his activism.

Take Action!

Palfreeman’s supporters are trying to have him moved to Australia to serve his sentence out closer to his family. Despite international agreements, the Bulgarian government has refused to transfer him until his family pays hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has asked supporters to pressure the head prosecutor to allow his transfer to Australia under the theme: ‘Head prosecutor Tsatsarov, stop following orders from corrupt politicians and do your job!’

For more information, visit www.freejock.com

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Jul 23 2014 04:38

Anarchist Picnic this Saturday
No gods, no masters, but there will be plenty of sandwiches and sunshine, as anarchy descends on the streets of Brisbane in the form of THE ANARCHIST PICNIC (5.0). Saturday 26 July, 12pm (that's midday!) *NB LOCATION* = Orleigh Park, West End.

Bring zines, banners (to paint), political discussion topics, some food to share and/or instruments. Come and hang out with your favourite anarchist or two as we nourish our palates (etc) for an hour or two.

Kids welcome! We'll be near the playground and near the table and chairs near the playground.