Wgtn: Film Screening (Living Utopia) & Public Talk (Intro to Anarchist-Communism), June 5th

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May 17 2010 11:41
Wgtn: Film Screening (Living Utopia) & Public Talk (Intro to Anarchist-Communism), June 5th

Living Utopia (Vivir La Utopia)

Spanish with English subtitles. 95 minutes. Made in 1997

This documentary by Juan Gamero consists of 30 interviews with survivors of the 1936-1939 Spanish Revolution. After decades of organising by Spanish workers and peasants, the revolution saw huge swathes of Spanish industry and agriculture socialised and run collectively by the workers and peasants.

Ultimately it was crushed by the forces of General Franco with assistance from Fascist Italy and Spain, however the events in Spain still offer us one of the best examples of anarchism in action.

Public Talk: Introduction to Anarchist-Communism

The film screening will be preceded by a talk from a member of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement, a nationwide anarchist-communist organisation.

The Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement is an organisation working towards a classless, stateless society: anarchist communism. That society would be run by a federation of workplace and community councils, with everyone having a say in decisions that affect them. Resources and property would be communally owned and controlled by everyone. Production would be geared to satisfying everyone’s needs, people would give voluntarily according to their ability, and produce would be distributed freely according to need.