what to do- Anarchist dont exist in Adelaide

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Feb 12 2009 14:51

lol, there isn't even an explicitly anarchist group in Adelaide ( just fnb), let alone an anarchist communist group. There are maybe half a dozen, I'm not sure, active anarchists, and I'm probably the only one who refers to their politics as libertarian communist.

The other day me and another anarchist set up a message board for adelaide anarchists, not sure if there's any point to it but here's the link-


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Mar 10 2009 12:27

Wanna start a class struggle libertarian communist group?
I sure do. Also i've made a rad pamphlet regarding the economic crisis and it's scapegoating onto the proletariat, it'd be awesome to have extra hands to distribute it in public.

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Mar 26 2013 09:36

I too would be keen on any info about this topic.

Molly Gibson
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Mar 31 2013 08:31

Where did everyone go? I know ONE other Anarchist in the entire state, and it's driving me nuts.
I'm super keen to get involved in as many physical/doing/action things as I can. I'm a bit shy, but I'm sure a few rowdy political arguments will toughen me up!
I just hope you haven't all moved interstate, or been arrested, or something in the last five years.

We The 99percent
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May 1 2013 12:48

Adelaide needs to start an Anarchist type group to stand up for the rights and equality of those who can't..first act is to rid Rundle Mall of those scum known as the Rundle Mall Preachers...they are a waste of space and cause so much trouble and give Adelaide a bad name (even if it already has a bad name)