‘not another communist group!’

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Jun 16 2010 22:16
‘not another communist group!’


I know I don't post on here much anymore. But if people are interested, I wrote an article for the current issue of The Commune and if any (non-left-communist) libcommers want to make a comment I'd appreciate your input/insights.

The article is here.

Also, feel free to comment here, but I'm crazy busy/away from the internet until the end of July so I mightn't have a chance to reply. Due to time pressures I'm going to concentrate on replying on any posts on the commune website. I know this is a dickish thing to say and do. I'm interested in what people think but I know how limited my time is over the next few weeks so if I don't respond to any comments on here (provided there are any) its because I'm busy not because I'm not interested. Just a forewarning.

Anyway, I doubt more than two or three of you are interested, and probably none are interested enough to comment. I just thought I'd flag this up.


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Jun 19 2010 16:56

Well the best bit is the title!

Other than that the anti-sectarian stance and reticence of the author about the rush by some to get The Commune moving on to some new grouping or alliance is sensible given the history of such past efforts, though in practice the same author then sets a December/January date for a congress of the currently disparate groups!

There is a 'libertarian communist' tendency expressed in the pages of The Commune and at it's meetings but there are also the remants of old style leftism - it's a pretty mixed bag, which doesn't do any harm if the purpose of the exercise is only to extend debate and assist people to clarify their own ideas but it seems a long way off from any genuine 'communist refoundation'.

Pro-revolutionaries to-day need to have a more realistic view of their abillity, even working together, to influence the course of class struggle and not set off on some new adventure to lead the working class. ( There is a history in the UK of 'platformist' style anarchists and non-traditional trotskyists merging and fading away again - do I detect something of that here?).

I wish the author would refrain from the repetive use of the phrase '..how to proceed' which appears like some sort of incantation. It also remind me of a comrade who uses every opportunity at meetings to repeat his stock phrase 'What is to be Done' ( and he is an anarchist).