Agency Eurocontract fucks worker

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Feb 2 2009 19:45
Agency Eurocontract fucks worker

Hi comrades,

Here is a very sad story of one of our friends, who was badly exploited by a Dutch work agency Eurocontract and their Polish partner Groen Flex. Groen Flex provides agricultural workers from Poland, Turkey, Irak.

The comrade felt ill because of the unhealthy working conditions and the
company who hired him didn't pay his health insurance, as they should.
Now, not only is he without work, but he has to pay the medical costs
of 2318,50 Euro. We are looking for ways to force the company to compensate him.

Our comrade signed a contract with a temp worker agency called Groen Flex in Opole in Poland on December 12th, 2008 in order to work at Eurocontract Zeeland B.Vz with headquarters in Goes. The contract was for a period of 78 weeks for work in greenhouses, sorting vegetables.

The Polish and Dutch contract guaranteed health insurance starting on December 15th.

He started working in the Netherlands on December 15th in the port of Vlissingen. It
turned out that he was employed on a shipyard construction site instead of sorting vegetables! But he started to work anyway, despite the fact that he didn't receive any safety training and didn't know English or Dutch, so he couldn't read the warning signs. He was forced to work without protective masks cleaning ships in Middeelburg. After
exposure to the different substances in the ship he lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, to the cardiology department in Vlissingen.

The bosses were notified of the event, but no one came to visit him in the hospital. He was able to communicate with the doctors only thanks to a Pole living in Holland. After 24 hours he was let out of the hospital. He found himself without any more work, having worked only 6 days out of the period signed in the contract of 78 weeks! His
employers informed him that everything is ok with the hospital bill, because he is insured. He left for Poland on January 9th.

Back in Poland, it turned out that he wasn't insured by the company. The bill for the medical assistance of 2318,50 Euro was sent to his home address.

Europ Assistance Polska Sp.z.o.o acting on behalf of the insurance company S.T.U Hestia S.A informed him that they cannot refund his treatement. It turned out that the company wasn't paying his insurance during his stay in Holland. He called Groen Flex to clarify the issue.

They informed him that Groen Flex has nothing to do with Eurocontract (even though they represent the company in Poland) and that he can go to court if he wishes.

ZSP was asked to do something about this case. The first thing is direct action! Putting pressure on the company and spreading information about this story of abuse by work agency. We are starting the campaign and in the next weeks will take action.

Groen Flex also receives money from the Polish state to combat unemployment and
advertises in the state employment offices. State employment offices mustn't use services of companies which break the law and abuse workers' rights.

The address of the Dutch company: Eurocontract Zeeland B.V, 4462 JM GOES,
Stationspark 29 E. We hope that comrades will also visit them.

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Feb 3 2009 12:24

We started a forum for people to discuss the practices of the company. The comrade who was fucked over has found something like 70 other people so far who had problems with them. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg.