Education and Neoliberalism

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Education and Neoliberalism

Hi all,

Some folks in Scotland are organising a discussion panel on education and Neoliberalism at the Radical Independent Bookfair in Glasgow on 4 August. Any Libcommers in the education sector would be most welcome to participate or simply attend. Should be interesting. See below:

Invitation to Participate:
Education and Neoliberalism: A Critical Discussion Forum

Radical Independent Bookfair
Kinning Park Complex
4 August, 2007

To what extent are the interests of big business and government taking priority over the the needs of creative learning? How are the attempts to turn students and pupils into ‘consumers’ and universities and schools into ‘profit centres’ altering our culture? How are pupils, parents, students, teachers, researchers and university employees responding? What else can be done?

An invitation to join in discussion, planning and action on issues around contemporary education.

Over the last decade, education in the UK has changed drastically to accommodate increasingly neoliberal social, cultural and economic agendas. In higher education, actions have included the introduction of tuition fees, job cuts in ‘un-profitable’ university departments, emphasis on ‘employability’ in course aims and structure, and research agendas driven by corporate interests and industry. In school and community-based curriculum, there is also an increasing focus on skills-based learning, and instructors are encouraged to address issues like ‘social exclusion’ and multi-culturalism through the use of techniques and approaches to learning that are grounded in entrepreneurial notions of ‘personal development’ and self-management.

This set of talks explores these issues through both prepared presentations and facilitated discussions. Drawing on cases from both the UK and abroad, as well as various educational theories, the speakers in this event discuss how current models of education can be contested by both educators and a critically informed citizenry, through various methods of resistance, in order to transform both our formal and informal education establishments into democratic sites of learning and critical engagement.

Feel free to submit to join an existing session or suggest a topic area of your own. Contact details below.

Confirmed sessions include the following:

Session A: The Crichton Campaign: Learning lessons from education struggles (1 hour-1 hour 15 minutes)

Speaker TBC: Liberal Arts and the Crichton Curriculum
Angela McClanahan: Liberal Arts, Critical Education and Neoliberalism
Susan McKie, Crichton Student Campaigner: The Crichton Educational Experience and Campaign from a students' perspective
Benjamin Franks: The Crichton Struggle: Aims and Action

Session B: Principles of Autonomous, Radical and Community Education (45 mins-1 hour)

Session C: The Dark Side of Academe: (30 Mins)
Former University of Glasgow Employee: Glasgow University and the Aerospace Defense Industry

Session D: Round Table: Education and Neo-Liberalism - Threats and
Opportunities. (45 minutes to an hour)

Panel TBC

For more information on the education discussion forum or to propose a panel or to contribute to an existing one contact:

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For information on the campaign to Save Glasgow University at the Crichton Campus go here