Joint campaign of Polish, Slovakian, Czech activists

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May 2 2007 16:15
Joint campaign of Polish, Slovakian, Czech activists

On 28-29 April, there was a conference in Warsaw attended by anarcho-syndicalists and libertarian communists from with guests from Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Turkey. A number of interesting discussions occurred with some ideas for joint campaigns with people from Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. One workplace which is organizing has close cooperation with Slovakia. The situation in the auto industry, where one of the attendees works, was also discussed.

Activists discussed strategies for agitating in this industry because the EU production base will soon by located in these three countries; already it is a major growing industry, with Slovakia becoming a world leader in car production. It is also an industry with a lot of exchange between workers; many seasonal workers from Poland go to Czech Republic to work and there were some famous problems with work conditions there which were so bad that the government intervened.

People are planning a new meeting in the summer to start a campaign in the fall. Any comrades who work in this industry in other countries please contact us because you can also help in this project.

Mike Harman
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May 2 2007 17:21

This sounds interesting although I don't work in the auto industry, are you anything to do with prol position?

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jef costello
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May 2 2007 23:56

you might want to try to get in touch with Devrim, if you haven't already, he was working in a car factory in the czech republic a few months back, he might have gone back to turkey now. He is a left comunist but probably still worth contacting.