tips for organizing protest against GOP

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Jun 24 2007 18:12
tips for organizing protest against GOP

So it being summer in the U.S., I've got some free time (not that much) and I'm thinking about organizing a large-scale protest against the people currently in office. What do you recommend for trying to pull in a large amount of people? I'm trying to target anybody (not just lefties) who are sick of the current administration . Is it too late since the elections are coming up so soon? I have no idea how to organize this kind of thing, so any tips are appreciated.

-I was thinking about posting flyers and putting them under the windshield wipers of peoples cars' in parking lots (me and a bunch of other people to cover a lot more area) that encourage them to show up and to tell their friends.

-Contacting any leftist groups in the area so they can help spread the word.

-try to get the local indymedia to announce it

-possibly even painting some billboards to advertise the dates and stencils to go along with it.

-advertising at schools of course

Where should I do it? How much notice should I give? Any more tips for pulling in large amounts of people? Things that I should/should not do? Am I just being stupid and have no chance of pulling this off? At the moment this is just a thought, but I'd like to make this very real.