Walk-In Temp Agency West-London, 13/8

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Aug 7 2014 19:54
Walk-In Temp Agency West-London, 13/8


We are 4 agency workers, on minimum wage, whose holiday pay is being withheld. We think this is systematically being done by this agency. We have tried calling and going in individually, phoning their head office, all to no avail. They never call us back, and come up with different excuses as to why they're not coughing up e.g. "we've sent your P45 now, it's too late to get your holiday pay" or "You needed to have given us one weeks notice before you left the agency so we don't have to pay your holiday pay" etc. etc. Our contract states that if we are owed holiday pay upon leaving, i.e. we have holiday days that we have not taken, this money will be paid to us instead.

Our individual efforts have failed, so we want to go together and not leave until they pay us what we are owed! We have all now left the agency so we have nothing to lose. We also want word of our action to spread amongst local workers so that they know that they could also do something if their agency fucks them around.

The plan is to be at the agency at 9.30am. we want to go inside, make our demands to get paid and basically refuse to leave until they've done what they've had to do e.g. phone head office, find our records and the exact amounts they owe us, and sign something that the payments have gone into our accounts. in the meantime, it would be good to have people inside with us, and also maybe talking to other workers inside who will be there to register with the agency. if we get chucked out, would be good to have some kind of presence outside for a while, speaking to people as they come in, maybe handing out some flyers...? Also, if someone could film it, that would be good.

So, the details are:

When? Wednesday 13th August.

Meeting point: 9am, outside Tescos, 229 Greenford Road. UB6 8QY. The easiest way to get there if you are coming from centre of london is to go to greenford on the tube (zone 4 on the central line, westbound) and then get the 92 bus outside the station for 10 minutes along the road until you get to greenford broadway. If it's easier, I can meet people at greenford tube station at 8.30am and we can go to the tesco's together.

Because of work/flight commitments of some of us, we've only got until about 11.15am at the latest before we have to quit the action.

We haven't done something like this before so any advice with regards to strategy is welcome!

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Aug 8 2014 06:40

Good luck! Solidarity.

In terms of advice, probably just think about an escalation strategy - although I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've already done that.

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Aug 13 2014 11:13

thanks! and we won! we went in there this morning, a group of 7 of us (and then we even picked up a supporter hanging around outside!) We were immediately met with hostility from one of the women working there, who had always been a bully. They saw that we were talking to other people who had come to register with the agency, that there was a gang of us, that we could argue back with them, that we weren't going to leave without getting this sorted, and that we had placards and wouldn't be afraid to use them! Another manager bloke then stepped in and managed to sort things out there and then, surprisingly easily considering that they hadn't managed to sort this out in the 6 weeks before. We left some flyers so that other workers know that they can contact us for support if the same thing happens to them. hopefully it will mean they think twice before fobbing off other people. thanks to our supporters! (and yes, we had an escalation plan, was good to think this through before we went, knowing that we had other options and the ability to be able to fuck things up more for them if they didn't give us our money...)

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Aug 13 2014 21:47

That's fantastic! Well done.