What is your internet presence?

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May 23 2012 12:04
What is your internet presence?

Ey up,

Topic says it all really. I know a lot of groups - local, national, and non-geographic ones around a particular issue/tendency - have an internet presence aside from their official websites or whatever so thought it might be useful to be able to discuss how people run them, what sites/tools folks are using, any issues or concerns people might have, etc.

I've also been toying for a while with setting up some sort of database with details - I'm aware that SolFed and AFed have lists on their sites which would be a good starting point, also there's various local groups not affiliated to any one national org that can sometimes slip under the radar a bit.

I'll start:

Group: York Anarchists

So far we've had no major issues, though we were one of the groups taken down during the Royal Wedding last year. I think we got most of the contacts back but obviously it's difficult to say. While it wasn't too damaging in itself, FB is one of our main means of contact both with local activists and anarchist groups in other areas; most useful info can still be got from other means but it did bring home the problems of relying too much on social media.

That said, it has also been quite helpful. There's several people who've since got involved for whom their first point of contact was looking us up online, and enough folks from the local anti-cuts, welfare etc. groups read the blog that it gives us an easy way to get information out to people.