Where to go next?

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Jul 30 2004 20:21
Where to go next?

In a meeting today we were told that we would be require to work this overtime coming up. They expect us to give up the weekends to work 12 hour shifts without any compensation for all the extra work.

They say since we are salary this is possible, however, at other times we are treated as hourly workers. It seems to us that they treat us one way or another depending on whatever suits them best.

Our group doesn't mind the extra work, but we feel we are not being properly compensated for the extra work.

We've found some federal law that goes contrary to what is in our contract about how workers are compensated. We are starting with this and when we showed it to them they went into a big meeting.

I am wondering what else we can do to make sure we are not taken advantage of.



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Aug 2 2004 00:27

If you were British this is what I would have said:

Option A:

Check your contract. If it says you will be required to work extra from time to time you'll have to do it (as long as it is only from time to time). If it doesn't say this custom and practice applies. If you never work weekends you should refuse to do so & ask for negotiations. Go for quadruple time, hindu head massages, company cars, a personal butler and anything else you can think of. For one evenings overtime we negotiated for a hundred quid bonus and a bottle of champaign each. If you go into work at the weekend without doing this your contract has now changed to include weekend working and you are fucked.

If you have a full time contract this generally means 37.5 (or 35 I can't remember) hours a week. Your salary is based on this. Any extra time and you *must* get paid extra. Working for nothing is called *slavery*. Your so many thousand a year are based on so many hours a week (always) so any extra hours you must be compensated for.

This might sound dumb but phone the union.

Option B:

Take direct action with all your workmates making it impossible to govern you all until your demands are met.

I take it that because you mentioned federal law you are american therefore some or all of this doesn't apply but good luck anyway.