Prague Antifa Demo - Anarchists Smash Nazis.

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Nov 12 2007 21:22
Prague Antifa Demo - Anarchists Smash Nazis.


Police detained 396 during clashes between anarchists and neo-Nazis

Nov 11, 2007, 14:44 GMT

Prague - Police detained 396 radicals, including 96 Slovaks and Germans, during the Saturday clashes between anarchists and neo-Nazis, the Prague police spokeswoman Eva Brozova said Sunday. The detained were questioned and then released. Nearly 200 will be charged with misdemeanours. The police confiscated many weapons, including guns, batons and knives. In all, medics treated seven people, including one policeman, for head injuries sustained in the street fighting Saturday, CTK news agency reported citing the Prague emergency service director.

Prague Mayor Pavel Bem told reporters that 300 to 400 neo-Nazis arrived in the Czech capital on Saturday with the intention to march through its historic Jewish Quarter on the anniversary of Nazi Germany's Night of Broken Glass pogrom against Jews. A police presence of 1615 officers on the streets barred most neo-Nazis from getting anywhere near the historic Jewish district, stopping them in metro stations and elsewhere. Two busloads of German right-wing extremists, who never reached the city centre, returned to Germany, Brozova said.

Some 1,000 anarchists, some German-speaking, gathered in the city to protest the banned neo-Nazi march, chasing and beating up the few neo-Nazis who made it downtown. Forty anarchists armed with sticks were detained after they turned against the police who tried to break up the isolated brawls, Brozova added.



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Nov 17 2007 18:09

just a brief info about that demo:

so whats happened? neonazists (new official organisation "young national democrats") called a demonstration in the old jewish town in the center of prague for the 10. 11. officially against war in iraq "lead by jewish" but in fact to celebrate "crystal night".

nazi demo was banned - and all of their attempts to organise legally demo in other parts of prague were banned too.

so the day itself saw more than 2 000 people (politicians and writers, actors etc including) who came at the demo called by "jewish liberal union" and around 1 500 people (with international support) who came at the demo called by "antifascist action". there were around 300 nazists (with international support) but most of them didn´t manage to get into the center of the town: they were harrased by police (repeatedly searched, moved at police stations and kept there). just 20 nazists came to the enter into the jewish town and when the antifa demo came and cross police line they were beaten very very badly. 100 neonazis finally get to the one square at the center but because antifa people tried to get there they dispersed according police order and police help them to get safely at trains and buses.

around 400 people were arrested, 40 of them were antifascists.

obviously nazists blamed police for unlegal repression and they have a reason for it (police and authorities behaved totally according to the political
demand and their action was a chicanery (well there were found weapons as explosive, sticks, knifes and axes brought by some nazists but others were just at the wrong place in the wrong time).

so the most interesting fact is the emergency of "official antifascism": after the news about nazists plan was publicised an unprecedented "antifascist boom"
followed. while at the past antifascism was left just to the anarchists (while to the police was left to repress them and help nazis) now politicans of all colours from president to deputies of socdem to conservative party to local politicians to celebrities became antifascists (just trade unions were missing). (well they don´t take a risk while defend jewish people; if a romanies would be at stake politicians would be obviously more distatnt.) even a judge of
constitutional court urged people to come and defended right of the people to face neonazists even violently.

now we are westernized modern democracy. smile

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Nov 17 2007 18:12

... plus update: just today there was a demo called by nazists which reffered to the anniversary of "velvet revolution" to lay to rest freedom of speech (which "was killed last saturday"). 100 nazists came, "antifascist action" decided not to organise a counter demo.