Announcements : 1st February

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Announcements : 1st February



- Film Nights at the Pearce Institute - 1st February

- Scots Leid Associe (Glesca Brainch) Foregaitherin - 2nd February

- IWW Clydeside branch meeting - 2nd February

- Defy ID cards meeting - 8th February


- Troops Out vigil - every Monday and Tuesday

- Glasgow Troops Out meeting - 2nd February

- Phone blockade of Weir Pumps - 3rd February

- Anti War forum - 8th February


- Wimmin vs G8 - 3rd February

- Reshape meeting - 3rd February

- Dissent! Conference 12-13th February


Film Nights at the Pearce Institute


Reclaim the Streets, the film (1hr20)

"A small group of people decide to organise an illegal street party in Camden, a part of the city renowned for its consumerism and incessant traffic. A cocktail of raging love, revolutionary carnival, art and anarchy is born."


Glasgow Mayday 1937 & other shorts


McLibel - Two Worlds Collide: (50 mins)

"McLibel: Two Worlds Collide is the inside story of the single father and the part-time bar worker who took on the McDonald's Corporation. Filmed over three years, the 50 minute documentary follows Helen Steel and Dave Morris as the anonymous campaigners turn into unlikely global heroes."


Not This Time - The story of the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign PLUS:-

Anti-GM shorts

The Pearce Insitiute is on the corner of Govan Rd and Pearce St, 2 minutes walk from Govan Underground, opposite the shopping centre.


Scots Leid Associe (Glesca Brainch) Foregaitherin

2nd of February, 7:30pm, Lansdowne Parish Kirk.

"The Scots Leid Associe wis foondit in 1972 an aye ettles ti pit forrit a

feckfu case for the Scots language in leiterature, drama, the media,

education an ilka day uiss. Sen Scots wis aince the state language o

Scotland, an is aye a grace til oor national leiterature, it lies at the hert

o Scotland's heirskep. The Associe threips on the view that Scots maun staun

its ben as ane o three leids o the kintra, alang wi Gaelic an Inglis.

Alang wi promotin the language an tyauvin ti persuade government, education

authorities an the media ti pit in whit siller the language needs for its

langer-term haelth,"

The Glesca Brainch holds open meetings at the Lansdowne Parish Kirk from

7:30pm (Kelvinbridge), come along and take part.


IWW Clydeside branch meeting - 2nd February.

Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies) are a militant, democratic,

syndicalist union.

For more information and to join come along to the meeting or see

IWW Clydeside meets first Wednesday of every month, 7:30 - 9pm. Pearce

Institute, Govan Rd. (opposite the shopping centre, 2 minutes walk from Govan



Defy ID cards meeting

Informal gathering to discuss current situation with the government's ID card scheme linked to a statewide database of all of us.

Tuesday 8th Febraury. 7:30pm. Carnarvon pub. Carnarvon St. Between St Georges Cross and Charing Cross on St Georges Rd. We'll be in one of the nooks.




Glasgow Troops Out meeting.

7-9pm. Wednesday 2nd February. Woodside Halls. Off Clarendon st. which bisects Maryhill just before St. George's X.

The meeting is open to anybody wishing to contribute positively to the anti-war movement.

All suggestions regarding targets, actions and tactics are welcome.


Anti War forum - Tuesday 8th February.

Regular monthly meeting to help network, coordinate and initiate anti-war action in Glasgow.

Kinning Park Centre, Cornwall St, Kinning Park - just opposite the subway,


Troops Out vigils:

Candleless vigils continue from 5:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays at the top of

Buchanan Street, by the Donald Dewar statue, to highlight the continuing

slaughter in Iraq.


Phone blockade of Weir Pumps on the 3rd of February.

The Weir Group Plc is now a target for activists. There is clear evidence that the company is involved with:

1)Pillaging Iraq as a sub-contractor of Halliburton

2)Under investigation for ‘lining the pockets’ of Saddam’s regime

3)Maintaining Britain’s illegal Trident nuclear weapons system

4)Producing parts for Finland’s new nuclear reactor

5)Providing equipment for oil pumping stations in Sudan causing killing and displacement of the local population

6)Financially backed the Conservative Party in 1994

Head office

149 Newlands Road, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EX, UK

+44 (0)141 637 7111

+44 (0)141 637 2221




Women vs G8 - 3rd February

Weekly meetings, every Thursday 6:30pm, Mono cafe-bar. King St, Glasgow.

Call for submissions! Call for submissions!

Articles, artwork, cartoons, etc by women

Any topic with a general theme of women opposing the G8

Email your submissions by Friday 4th of Feb 2005 for inclusion in Issue 1


Reshape meeting:

Reshape Glasgow is the local Glasgow group organizing as part of the Dissent!

Network, an organisation that aims to provide non-hierarchical opposition to

the G8 when it arrives in Gleneagles in Strathearn, later this year.


7:30-9:00pm, Thursday 3rd February

Pearce Institute (cafe room)

840-860 Govan Road

100 yards to the left coming out of Govan U station, big building with a

clock on the front.


Dissent! Conference 12-13th February

The Dissent! Network is trying to non-hierarchically oppose the G8 when it

comes to Gleneagles this summer. There is an organisational conference of

the network in Glasgow this February.