Another Dumfries Event - Chomsky etc

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Mar 9 2005 13:22
Another Dumfries Event - Chomsky etc

Noam Chomsky's talk in Edinburgh Tuesday 22 March (11.30am), will be video-linked live to the Rutherford McCowan Building, University of Glasgow, Crichton Campus in Dumfries. So if you can't make it to Edinburgh, you can see it there. In the afternoon (from 2pm) there are talks and discussion about Globalisation and the G8. It's free and open to all. So far they have Angie McClanahan (Manchester University) speaking on Globalisation and Indigenous Rights, Benjamn Franks (University of Glasgow) on The G8 and alternative depictions of Globalisation and Sandy Whitelaw (University of Glasgow) on Globalisation and Health. Despite all the listed speakers being university bods, it is open to all and the organisers were looking for more people to speak/participate. If people want to know more I'll find out the contact number/email.