Edinburgh - Oaxaca speaker 20th May

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May 16 2007 23:29
Edinburgh - Oaxaca speaker 20th May

This looks really interesting. Not sure if I'll be able to make it through but prev Forum events have been interesting. They're monthly and aim to reach out to a broad audience.

The Forum May Event

Speaker from Mexico
Oaxaca - grass-roots resistance and rebellion

7pm this Sunday 20th May
at the Friends Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, central Edinburgh
Free / donation

Venue fully accessible (ramp and lift)

An indigenous activist from the Mixe territory in Oaxaca, Mexico will give
a first hand account of the momentous rebellion in the city and state of

From last year the people rose up against a deeply unpopular state
governor. Starting with a teachers' strike, the struggle developed into a
huge social movement. At its height there were 1000 barricades erected
each night in the streets of Oaxaca City, around a dozen occupied radio
and TV stations, and hundreds of thousands taking to the streets. In some
neighbourhoods direct democracy was practised as an alternative to the
corrupt and dictatorial state government. Some indigenous groups have
declared themselves autonomous, echoing the autonomous municipalities of
the zapatistas in neighbouring Chiapas.

Being involved in Indymedia, the speaker is ideally placed to describe the
full range of this huge movement.

As the movement began to really threaten those in power, the federal
government sent in the Federal Police to occupy the city and repress the
movement. Equally murderous were paramilitaries and state police who
abducted and assasinated activists.

Despite this vicious repression, in which almost 20 activists were
murdered, the struggle continues.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear about the Oaxaca rebellion.
There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Organised in conjunction with Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group
More info on Oaxaca at that site, and also at narconews.com
(scroll back in time to look for relevant articles)

The Friends Meeting House is normally accessible from George IV Bridge,
but due to current building works access is now from the Lawnmarket on the
Royal Mile or up the steps from Victoria Street.

To find out about future Forum events you can join their announcement list : http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/theforum