Glasgow - Feminist self-defence 19th-20th April

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Apr 8 2008 20:37
Glasgow - Feminist self-defence 19th-20th April

Please forward to all the women in your life! smile

Feminist Self Defence Weekend Workshop

Radical practical feminist self defence in Glasgow. 19th-20th April. All women welcome.

* We learn and practice both physical and verbal strategies, share our experiences and role play different ways of dealing with situations.

* We aim to make our classes as accessible as possible. All ages and ability levels welcome.

When: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th April. Please note that you should come to both days. The workshop will run from approximately 10am to 5pm. There will be regular breaks.

Please email with any questions and to confirm your place and you will receive venue details. It is easily accessible by public transport. We would like a donation on the day to cover our costs. This will probably be £20. However please contact us if this will stop you coming - we'd rather have you than the money. smile

The teachers are experienced feminist self-defence teachers in Glasgow for one weekend only. For ongoing women's self-defence courses in Glasgow please contact Wise Women on 0141 550 7557.