Help at G8 spaces in Glasgow

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Jun 25 2005 10:07
Help at G8 spaces in Glasgow

Can anyone help!

Before long lots of people will start arriving in Scotland for the G8. Over the last month, three spaces have been created in Glasgow for accommodation and to give out information.

- The G 42 Collective have temporarily rented some office space at 647 Pollokshaws Road on the Southside, as part of the Cre8 Summat activities, and it’s been fitted out with computers and broadband internet connection.

- A warehouse has been rented in the East End on Dora Street, near Dalmarnock railway station and a kitchen, showers and toilets are getting sorted in it to act as the main urban Convergence Centre in Scotland until other convergence spaces get sorted in Stirling and Edinburgh.

- And Cre8 Summat has created a community garden on derelict land on the route of the proposed M74 extension at Eglington Toll, building raised flower beds, benches, paths, a maze and swings with people living locally.

Over the coming fortnight these spaces will be getting used by hundreds and hundreds of international protestors tions at the G8.

Extra people are needed both at the G 42 space and the Convergence Centre. A call has gone out for people arriving in Scotland to go directly to the warehouse Convergence Centre on Dora Street but other people may still arrive or try to contact the space on Pollokshaws Road.

While lots of people are busy cleaning and sorting out the warehouse we also need people to help at the G 42 space from now on to make sure there is someone always there as much as possible.

It’s not a difficult job - there’s comfy sofas, Fair Trade tea and Zapatista coffee, books and magazines and broadband internet access…we need people to be there to answer the phone and to give out directions to people looking for the warehouse and the other convergence spaces being organised in Scotland and details about events being planned.

If you can spare some time keeping the space open or helping at the warehouse over the next two weeks it would be really useful.

Directions to the warehouse convergence centre can be found here:

The phone number is 0141 551 0401

Directions to the Pollokshaws Road centre:

Get either the 44, 22, 23, 57 in Central Glasgow and ask for Eglington Toll. It is approx 30 mins walk from the city centre. After the Shell Garage and MacDonalds get out and carry on walking along Pollockshaws Road. Cross the junction and on the righthand side of the road you will see a gated archway. Follow the signs for Suite 3.

Queens Park railway station is close as well.

The phone number is 0141 423 9055.

If you can help at the space please leave a message or email or call in!