Mayday - daytime PLUS Wobbly Social

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Apr 30 2007 18:15
Mayday - daytime PLUS Wobbly Social

From 12 noon onwards on 1st May 2007 near Buchanan St underground there will be a gathering to celebrate Mayday, including a sound system playing chilled out tunes. Then 7pm onwards is the Wobbly Social in Sleazys.

From another list:
"The aim of this is to provide a space, a centre of attraction, to play music, display banners, distribute information, talk to passers-by without (hopefully) being surrounded by hunners of polis and herded through the streets.

Of course, this does not preclude anyone from also touring the streets in a mobile reclaim the streets stylee.

So, if you have an issue, campaign, etc that you want to highlight on May Day (e.g. Faslane 365, Jam74 outreach?), bring your banners, flags, placards, music, drums, fliers, newsheets, ladders, gaffa tape, megaphone, cable ties, rope, bicycle, shopping trolley, kitchen sink, and anything else you would like to find there."

7pm til Midnight, you are cordially invited to the "Wobbly Social" in Nice N Sleazy's, 421 Sauchihall Street where djs will be playing reggae, ska, and "rebel sounds".