Planning meeting against riding of parliament

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Sep 12 2004 12:46
Planning meeting against riding of parliament

"Members of the public representing all regions of Scotland and

all walks of life will take part in the day, which will see around 1,200

people from home and abroad coming together." (statement on the first riding of

the new Scottish parliament builing.)

Scottish Anarchists say NAE MAIR PISH!

We cannot allow a whitewash and a rewriting of history! This is the Scottish

parliament which sanctioned the spending of one percent of the annual budget on

its swanky new building. This is the Scottish Parliament which "voted

themselves an inflation-busting 13.5 per cent salary increase. From April, they

[have received] over £48,000 a year - a rise of almost £6,000 [...] [while] the

First Minister, Jack McConnell, urged train drivers to halt a campaign of

strikes and accept a 3 per cent rise linked to a productivity deal."(1) This is

the parliament of so many thieves, liars and rogues, and it is setting out to

lavish £120k on remaking its tarnished image.

We are to have "the people of Scotland" - or actually 1200 hand-picked servile

'representatives' - to wave, cry, cheer on and welcome the current parcel of

rogues, plus our 'democratically' heredity-chosen monarch, as they rewrite

history in their 'riding of parliament' to usher in their newly built wen.

Do they govern by obeying?

Oppose the riding and let the world know that not everyone is a fan of the

parliament. Help Scottish Anarchists build the protest. The intial planning

meeting will take place on Thursday the 16th at 6PM in the White Horse Bar,

266 Canongate, in Edinburgh.

Contact Scottish Anarchists at this address scottishanarchists(at) for

more information or to get involved in the planning.

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Sep 12 2004 14:24

More importantly, has the parliament consented to this 'riding' and is it going to participate actively?

And 1200 people for its first time? Even Annabel Chong couldn't match that!