London AF/SF xmas dinner

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Dec 1 2006 14:38
London AF/SF xmas dinner

i posted this on our libcom xmas dinner thread first

I was talking to an SF member (J) about this last night because he was saying every year the AF and Solfed try to organise a joint christmas social dinner thing and it always ends up being a last minute curry in brick lane, so we were thinking it might be a good idea combining this [our christmas dinner, which already has people on it, including Organise! AF, ex-SF (dunno about current) with it.]

Someone has posted this to the AF internal list, but thought i'd mention here to see what people thought of it?

Details are:

Saturday 16th December 2006! at The Bonnington Cafe is a co-op volunteer run vegetarian restuarant in Vauxhall (loads of busses, trains and tubes). They have a different chef each night of the week, always cooking quality food.

You will be treated to a three-course meal for a mere £10 per head, and will need to bring your own alcohol.