Online Reading Group : Rudolf Rocker "Anarcho Syndicalsim"

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Apr 17 2007 09:45
Online Reading Group : Rudolf Rocker "Anarcho Syndicalsim"

"For us, the development of theoretical views is dictated by the necessities of vital life, by the need to solve practical problems. Our theoretical views must lead to new, better, more suitable action and the mastering of practical tasks. Our theory has value only insofar as it confirmed by practice. Everything else, we leave to the intellectual jugglers, to the guardians of the hierarchy of "values." - Wilhelm Reich

PROPOSAL: We are looking to start a reading group to study various "classics of subversion" old and new. Not for some abstract desire to amerce ourselves in philosophy but for the practical purpose of developing a better understanding of our position in class society, capital and our struggles against it. The suggested text for initial reading is:

Rudolf Rocker "Anarcho Syndicalism"

If interested please join the forum, reading to start May 14th 07. All suggestions and ideas welcome.

visit :

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Jul 9 2013 16:01

I just cam across this older posting. Did this ever happen?

Is this something folks may want to now have? I might be interested in
such a reading and discussion of Chapters 3-6 of "Anarcho-Syndicalism"