W.S.A. Conference greetings

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Apr 16 2007 01:44
W.S.A. Conference greetings

To the National Conference of the Solidarity Federation-IWA,

The Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) sends the Solidarity Federation conference our greetings.

We wish you luck in your deliberations. Although relations between the Solfed and WSA have dimished this decade, the WSA has had longstanding relations with British IWA anarcho-syndicalists dating back to the 1970s (SWF, DAM and early Solfed).

The WSA looks forward to more normal relations with the Solfed, be it on a national or local level.It's a pity that anarcho-syndicalists who have closely worked together over the decades and who share a common language can not have a cooperative relationship in this day and age.

We look forward to hearing that your conference was a success.

Anarcho-syndicalist greetings,

Mitch M.
Corresponding Secty.

Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)
National Office
339 Lafayette Street-Room 202
New York, NY 10012
tel. (212) 979-8353