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Jun 4 2011 09:49
Catalyst page sizes

Hi, i wanted to print out some copies of Catalyst to leave in my staffroom at work

The page sizes were totally nuts though.

When i went to print, the cover and back page came out fine (A4), but the inside pages printed like half the size and the text was unreadable (tiny).

It would be really great if in the future you could upload PDFs that don't have the inside pages as landscape doubles (if that makes any sense)

Cheers, it is a great newsheet, and one that i don't feel embarassed to pass on to workmates.

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Chilli Sauce
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Jun 4 2011 10:11

Dude, you're in London! You don't need to print any off! There should be a bunch in Freedom Bookshop or contact us (right hand side) and we'll meet you and give you a bunch or just send a butt-load directly to you.

Besides they are way sexier as proper newspaper anyway.

In any case, I'll pass this along internally in SF.

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Jun 4 2011 10:56

Do you have it in Housman's as well? That might be nearer Harrison…

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Joe Hell
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Jun 5 2011 05:41

there was a load of em there (Housman's) along with our new booklets : Puerto Real and Workmates
about a week ago

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Jun 5 2011 19:45

i went to Housmans the other day, i looked for Organise and Catalyst but i couldn't see them anywhere. ended picking up the latest Aufheben instead...

i'll have another look, as its very near my college

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Jun 8 2011 08:57

A nice bit of positive feedback about Catalyst:

I gave a copy to a young co-worker during yesterday's shift and she started reading it when we went on break. After a few minutes she said:

I've only read a bit of it and it makes more sense than anything I've read EVER.


We've had quite a few conversations about radical working-class politics and anarcho-syndicalism and hopefully she'll be coming along to a meeting of the local soon. One co-worker down, 129 to go!

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Joseph Kay
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Jun 8 2011 09:26

From next issue we'll put it up as separate pages. Only problem might be the centre-spread, but worst case we can make a separate A4 single page version in addition to the current pdf.

thegonzokid: that's great! the approach we've taken is to try and normalise/naturalise an 'us and them' class struggle narrative, with the anarcho-syndicalism mostly between the lines (or in comment/letters/editorials). The hope was this will make it good for outreach/starting conversations: 'this makes sense, so what are we going to do about it?' - glad it seems to be working!

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Jun 8 2011 10:05

Harrison, I'm never able to find stuff in Housman's, so just ask the staff. Or get in touch with Solfed and get them to post you some.

BTW, it would be good if Solfed folks would put up the most recent issue of catalyst here in the library

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Jun 8 2011 13:22

The most recent issue (#26) is in the library.. next one coming out soon though!