SolFed conference 2011

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May 2 2011 22:27
SolFed conference 2011

Went really well, Brighton did a great job of organising it and were very hospitable. Report up on the website here and I've just updated the constitution.

T La Palli
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May 3 2011 10:12

Looking forward to seeing the community strategy in three months time. Also to the two new pamphlets.

Glad to see that the workplace training porgramme is to be supported and expanded. I took part in this in Edinburgh and highly recommend it. It would be good in the future to be able to take part in various follow-on training. It seems that there will be a real demand for this sort of training without having to be a shop steward, which you need to be if the training comes from a TU.

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May 3 2011 13:33

Good stuff. W.S.A. would've sent greetings, as we regularly did in decades gone by, if we knew about the conference.

Well, good luck and forward motion!

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May 3 2011 19:53

Yeah well done Brighton - thanks for being great hosts!

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Chilli Sauce
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May 3 2011 20:28

Big props to Brighton!

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May 3 2011 21:37

Yep well done Brighton comrades, you did yourselves and SF proud! My first time in Brighton as well, seems like an ace town red n black star

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May 3 2011 21:51

Meanwhile out on the tough streets of Brighton...on the May Day demo we saw your man from the conference with a bundle of Catalyst. A few AF members were there and we said hello as we dished out Resistance.
Lovely sunny weather, although the cops seemed nervy.