Unwaged Network

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Jan 9 2011 12:25
Unwaged Network

Some of us SolFeders who fall into the unwaged category are looking to form this network for for all other members in the same situation.

This includes members who are unemployed, non-working students, volunteers and those on work experience placements, anyone else living on benefits etc

Firstly we are thinking of pulling together the relevant information to form a small leaflet/pamhlet similar to Stuff Your Boss. Articles from the various unwaged perspectives (unemployed, student etc) will hopefully also be published online, and then eventually go towards a bulletin. The first steps towards a fully functioning Unwaged Network me hopes.

Any thoughts, opinions, advice on this? Where the main points of focus are etc (btw if youre an SF member we are also talking about this on the internal forums, so get on em if u aint already!)