New inter-solidarity network email list

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Nov 30 2012 01:46
New inter-solidarity network email list

A new email list for solidarity networks around the world to share advice, news, and calls to action (particularly phone/fax blasts) has been created. It's open to anyone in a solidarity network or similar group who may be interested.

To join, message me saying you want to join the list and what group you're from.

Description of list:
This list was made primarily to help us coordinate actions when possible (like call ins and solidarity pickets). Secondarily this list will serve to begin some inter-Solnet dialogue on the topics of strategy and tactics.

I'm sure many of us are already on alot of lists already so here are some guidelines as to what is appropriate to post to this list to avoid the flooding of our email boxes. Please feel free to email some suggestions if you have any. After this group get up and running I would like to have a working group comprised of SolNet members to help strengthen ties between our organizations.

-Call ins/email ins/fax ins
-Solidarity pickets that could be potentially done by more than one other SolNet . If it only applies to one other SolNet then we would ask that you contact that delegate in a personal email.
-Talk and advice on about tactics and strategy
-Other ideas on how to cooperate
-Announcing victories