New SeaSol win - Bombay Grill pays $2k to kitchen worker

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Mar 6 2014 01:29
New SeaSol win - Bombay Grill pays $2k to kitchen worker

Article here:

Nothing really new or different about this fight except for the added urgency of knowing the business was likely to close soon. If they had closed down without paying we would have had the long and arduous task of hounding the (quite wealthy) owners and making their lives miserable, to either make them pay or else make an example of them.

For this fight we demanded about $2k, simply because that was the most we thought it would be possible to get the bosses to pay, especially given the likelihood of the business closing soon. Lately we've been trying to set back-pay demands on this basis, rather than based on what the law says is owed, since the legally-owed amount is sometimes not possible to win - either via direct action or via the law - within a reasonable amount of time (i.e. within months as opposed to years). We're not telling the boss "this is all you owe", but more like, "this is what it will take for us to leave you alone and move on to messing with other businesses". I'd recommend this approach to other solnets out there, although it can take some explaining within the group since people are so used to thinking in legal terms, even when the law is clearly not going to be enforced by the state.

Anyhow winning this is a nice morale boost for us since we hadn't had a win in a while, having gotten bogged down in a couple of long fights that were both less winnable and less compelling. We're still engaged in a long fight with Cornell & Associates, one of the biggest landlords around, but that one is (in my humble opinion) very compelling and winnable, so it's not a drag. In other news it looks like we're about to take on a new landlord fight, and also about to launch a couple of workplace outreach projects.

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Mar 8 2014 12:04

Congrats and keep up the good work!

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Mar 27 2014 15:00

good work!