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Jason Cortez
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Apr 6 2007 21:17
Radical history, films, walks, food and booze


from the ludicrously misnamed south london radical history group

companeros, kamerads and aquaintances

Well things have been a little shaky with the history group recently, due to other urgent commitments various projects have been on hold...
Several of the core of the group have been involved in occupying a new squatted social space in South London (see below), jetting off to talk to radical history goers in Bristol about slavery/abolition, and so our always irregular program has been slightly disrupted.
But... we still want to organise a meeting on the abolition of slavery anniversary. Which would likely be in May now, although this is a bit later than the March anniversary. We have a couple of speakers, and are chasing more...we will let you know. Any ideas from you lot out there would be welcome, we are not the messiahs (we are very naughty though).

For now... here's two events coming up which we think you'd like. A fillum and a talk, both kinda retro, in that the films aren't new and the talk was done last year as a walk. But hey, we're a history group,
retro is our thang...


FILM NIGHT: Wednesday April 11th, 7.30pm
we want to RIOT, not to WORK!
two films on the Brixton Riots 1981: The Brixton Tapes, from 1984, and The Battle for Brxton, 2006.

On the 26th anniversary of the first great Brixton riot, two movies, one old and one quite new... Riot porn on our own streets!

Venue: Camberwell Squat Centre, 192 Warham Street, London SE5
off Camberwell New Road... Buses: P5, 36, 436, 185. Nearest Tube: Oval.

and secondly:


Thursday 19 April, 7.30 pm.
a talk about some of the radical and social history of one of sunny South London's finest boroughs... Meet Chartists and artists, strikers and rioters, trade unionists and anti-fascists, squatters and plotters...

Reworked from the June 2006 history walk around Camberwell Melissa Bliss and Alex Hodson, a fascinating wander through SE5. From Camberwell Fair to Bonkersfest...

Venue: Camberwell Squat Centre, 192 Warham Street, London SE5
off Camberwell New Road... Buses: P5, 36, 436, 185. Nearest Tube: Oval.

So what is this Camberwell Squat Centre?

The old Good Food Cafe at 192 Warham Street, Camberwell, SE5, has been seized and turned into a communal space for use as a cafe, bar, meeting space, and much more...
Left empty since last year, with no electric and water pouring from ripped out pipes, damp and dark, the place has been partly done up, painted, plumbed, electrified, and opened last week. A large ish collective of people living fairly locally, some of whom are long time Sarf Lunnon troublemakers and some more recent arrivals... we have lots of energy.
The owners, not needing the building for their nefarious plans for a while, have been persuaded to leave us here for 6 months... So we have a spring and summer.
As yet we have no name... we'll agree one soon. or not! The alleged owners of the building and neighbouring ones want to knock them down and build more overpriced flats, useless to us as we can't afford them. So we've transformed it ourselves.

But the building is also available for other folk, local or otherwise to use. So drop in, get involved, come down to check the place out. At the momement we are holding Wednesday eveing film nights, cheap meals on Fridays nights, with some occasional bars and Snday breakfasts, and secondhand book/jumble sales on some Saturdays. There are plans for more events - meetings, discos, the lot.

But if anyone else out there is up for using the space-organising events, drop in... Use it while it's there.

192 Warham Street, SE5. Just off Camberwell new Road, opposite the Union Tavern.

For more info ring the Squat Centre on: 07982 469755
or check out the website: