Islamophobia and censorship in Britain

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Aug 15 2006 17:11
Islamophobia and censorship in Britain

The Sun calls him the 'suicide bomb rapper', MPs want him arrested and his record company refuses to support his latest album. But would his treatment be the same if he were white? As Aki Nawaz points out in one of his songs, his message is no more radical than that of white figures like Pinter, Pilger or Chomsky.

The album All is War (the Benefits of G-Had) - dealing with terrorism, war, Muslim identity and western hypocrisy - has provoked outrage from politicians and the press. Radio 1 has banned it from its playlist while the likes of HMV and Virgin refuse to stock it.

Red Pepper will be holding a public debate on Thursday 17 August,
discussing whether Nawaz's treatment has highlighted a dangerous fusing of
Islamophobia and censorship, making us deaf to the grievances of Muslims.

Also on the platform will be renowned human rights lawyer Louise Christian,
Natacha Atlas, Ken Fero of Injustice Films, John Pandit of Asian Dub
Foundation and Shahrar Ali of the Green Party.

Red Pepper's editor Hilary Wainwright said: "Muslims and Non-Muslims must
speak to defend democracy at a time when our Prime Minister is effectively
implicating the UK in war crimes. The institutions of democracy are being
overriden by the subservience to the US. It's up to all of us to recreate
democracy ourselves wherever we can. Support for Aki and his rights to be
published and promote debate will be a test case in resisting the fear and
intimation that is letting the government literally get away with murder.
This is why Red Pepper is strongly supporting him."

Aki Nawaz said: "Muslims and Non-Muslims must speak out whether on the
streets or from their prison cells. Democracy has been insulted when
through fear and intimidation we are conditioned to side with those that
are drenched in the blood of thousands of human beings. Exposing the
inherent colonial mentality of the British State is an honour and worth any
consequence in any shape or form."

6.45pm, Thursday 17th August
RampART, 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA (off Commercial Road)


(If you can't make it to the event you can catch it streamed live online)

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Aug 30 2006 21:49

Oh crikey, that guy. I saw him on Sharia TV (I have a fondness for religious late nate TV) a few weeks ago. He really didn't seem to be saying anything particularly new or noteworthy. He got very cross with the muslim scholar who would not call for muslims to join Hezbullah, but remains... not in hezbullah himself.