Solidarity with migrants //No Borders//

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Feb 22 2006 17:17
Solidarity with migrants //No Borders//

No Borders//Anti-Detention//Detainee Support Events

@ The Square Social Centre

21 Russell Square, London WC1

//Thursday 23rd February, 7pm-9pm

Meeting: London No Borders

Discussion topics include:

- The upcoming No Borders Gathering in London in March.

- A proposed demonstration at Harmondsworth detention centre in early April; in

solidarity with a week of actions taking place against Baxter detention centre

in Australia.

- Picketing & leafleting of Communications House Reporting Centre in Old St.

London No Borders meets @ The Square fortnightly on Thursdays.

//Friday 24th February, 7pm-2am

Zero Kontrol Benefit Nite for London No Borders & The Square Social Centre

The evening will begin with a short presentation about No Borders, followed by a

film – ‘No Lager’ about actions against detention centres in Germany.

Followed by bands & DJ’s.

Zapatista coffee will be served in the café.

Entry by donation.

//Sunday 26th February, 2pm-6pm

Meeting: Campaign to Close the Heathrow Detention Centres

This is the first meeting to attempt to create a broad alliance of groups and

individuals interested in forming a campaign to shut down Harmondsworth

Detention Centre and Colnbrook Removal Centre, close to Heathrow.

All welcome, bring your ideas.

//Thursday 9th March, 7pm-9pm

Meeting: London No Borders

//Saturday 11th March & Sunday 12th March



Over the past year, new groups have formed using the name/banner "No Borders"

and therefore will feel that, though informal, we can potentially create a

relationship with different groups with the view of strengthening the resistance

and level of agitation against the Border regimes, restrictions of movement and

all deportations.

During the last few months since London No Borders was formed we have been

attempting to develop a political strategy which encompasses the following:

1. Detainee support group (providing access to good lawyers, bail sureties,

money, visiting, actions)

2. Defiance NOT Compliance (supporting workers who resist the states plans to

enforce internal border controls in services and the workplace - social services

/ housing/ healthcare/ education etc)

3. Close down detention centres & reporting centres (support anti-detention

centre campaigns).

4. Global/European co-ordination (contributing to networks like Frassinito,

participating in international days of action and previous calls for action).

Some of our ideas and activities have been inspired by other No Borders groups

in the UK and we feel that any communication which can be developed would aid

what we are all doing. In addition we would like to construct a forum which we

can present some ideas for a unified day of actions in the UK this April.


We hope to be able to work on a structure together with other groups, with

workshops and discussions that encompass our political structure and enable us

to move forward to take action, and with the additional aim of welcoming those

with an interest in becoming involved in No Borders activity.

Programme to be announced soon.

//London No Borders Detainee Support Network

Office @ The Square Social Centre

Open: Every Monday & Thursday, 12pm-6pm

London No Borders Detainee Support Network is engaged in direct solidarity &

support work for those in detention, or at risk of detention and deportation,

including helping people access legal and medical advice, visiting people in

detention, and campaigning against deportations.