BNP leafleters confronted in the street.

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Dec 10 2003 14:34
BNP leafleters confronted in the street.

Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 9th December, two BNPer’s were spotted door-to-door leafleting in Dorking (Surrey). Two angry residents quickly confronted one of the BNP pair, who weren’t local, in the street. He quickly walked off without saying anything heading for the stairwell of some nearby flats where the second man was coming down the stairs. “All right Bernard” asks the second wessely looking man; Bernard gestured towards the people pursuing him before an aggressive verbal exchange takes place.

The BNPer’s quickly left the area unchallenged heading towards the other side of town, but after a third resident joined the other two, they decided that they would go give the BNP some more shit. After 10-15 minuets of looking they spotted the pair leafleting houses in nearby road. Having seen the residents coming back towards them the BNPer’s fled up a side road, a colder sack in fact, where they remained hiding at the end, behind a large hedge for over half an hour. Then having realised that their hiding place had been found the wessely looking man began making frantic phone calls and concerned that the BNPer’s had called for backup from their mates or the cops, the residents headed home leaving the pair shitting them selves hiding behind a hedge.

Apparently the BNP have gained a foothold in Crawley (West Sussex) and may be using this to try and spread their racist shit around, keep your eye’s open eh. Bernard is about 45y, 6ft tall, where’s big glasses and has beard, his mate is a shorter wessely looking man of about 50, with flat cap and carries a blue paper/leaflet bag also he has an eagle tattooed on his right hand.

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Dec 10 2003 18:19

Bernard Bresslaw with a beard? grin

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Dec 25 2003 21:05

This was the headline in Dorking/Leatherhead addvertiser this week;

BNP targets three wards in elections

BNP spokesman Steven Williams said: "We are leafleting the whole of the south east of England and looking at 24 towns and two cities.

"We will certainly be fielding candidates in every one."

Mr Williams claimed that two of the party's canvassers, a 68-year-old man and a 72-year-old woman, had almost been beaten up by an angry Dorking resident as they took leaflets round the town recently.

"I thought Dorking was a nice place," he said.

"But they got set upon by some young thugs.

"It's strange because we go to some very rough areas and we never have any trouble."

all I can say is thats one strange looking 72 year old women !!!!!! roll eyes eek