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Feb 28 2006 20:11

There are a number of reasons for getting together- mutual support, propoganda, organising demonstrations, raising profile of anarchism, meeting up with like minded people, education, socialising, actions, throwing bombs in posh resturants...the normal sort of stuff we anarchists get up too!

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Feb 28 2006 23:19

bombs? eek no oh, you mean stink bombs right?

Well high on my agenda, i think something really needs to be done about the state of the news reporting in the local media. It's just so monotonous, repetitious, and the emphasis on words seems more important than the actual story to such a degree that I feel I'm hearing the same news story despite them being different. [excuse my ignorance for next comment but] I'm sure this is the catalyst of schizophrenia, the voices...

Actually even the national media seems to have stepped up this repetitous brain washing propaganda up a gear or twenty, lately. I believe, that, it's this internet thing. Ooooh the internet is sooooo bad because students can use it to cheat - with this new esoterically fandangled technological contraption called "cut and paste" - whatever that is, AND , just to show how EVIL oohh ha ha ha ha , the internet really is, terrorists can and do use it to plan how to bomb YOU. circle A circle A circle A circle A circle A

And PLEASE everybody take note: DON'T GO STEALING £40 Million because the news reporting of this story is just SHIT. FULLSTOP. NO NEED TO SAY MORE grin

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Mar 4 2006 01:33

ahh 50 million plus - the RA got away with it, these fools couldn't even do that - f-ing wannabe capatlist. At least the Bolsheviks stole for the party!!!!!! Is there a meeting taking place in Kent? Im interested, screw Mcdonalds and A f-ing national

Mike Harman
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Mar 4 2006 01:39

On Saturday February 25 a group of Hackney residents travelled down to Hawkhurst in Kent to inform local people of the ongoing conflict along Broadway Market.

Property developer Dr. Roger Wratten lives at Little Pix Hall which is situated nearby.

Entitled ‘Do you really know you neighbour?’ the leaflet briefly explained the background to the campaign in E8.

The leaflet quoted both an internal Hackney council email from 1998 – Wratten is “a very disruptive character with absolutely no interest in the community or the vitality of the area” – and recent comments made by the Deputy Mayor of Hackney at the public meeting on January 16 of this year.

It finished off with: ‘Dr. Wratten is already a multi-millionaire. We in Hackney ask: Just how much more money does one person need!?

‘I’m sure you wish to live in a prosperous and stable community without property developers destroying its fabric. WELL, SO DO WE!’

Interestingly, after talking to residents in Hawkhurst we discovered that they themselves have their own issue with property developers and luxury flats – more information on this soon!

Hawkhurst itself is a lovely little place in Kent – it’s just a shame that it is has to be sullied by such a resident at Dr. Wratten.

As we asked in our literature – if you are a resident of Hawkhurst and have any information on Dr. Wratten, please get in touch; likewise, we are happy to provide more details on his behaviour in this part of London.

A message to Dr. Roger Wratten: We are more than aware of the contents of your recent meetings with certain figures here. Did you seriously think that after last Thursday our campaign would end? We have shouted again and again to anybody who would listen that any further eviction would not mean that this is the end of the story. We fight to win. Francesca’s will rise again!

If anyone gets the Kent Messenger - they printed a story about this today and the Broadway Market folks would love a copy.

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Mar 5 2006 12:14

How about May 1 then? Its a Monday this year - we could link a meeting with maybe some sort of action/protest/leafleting or whatever. I'll stick something in Freedom but we obviously need to sort a venue out (assume in Canterbury).

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Mar 5 2006 14:52

The Workers Holiday is good for me - live in Folkestone and happy to help in anyway. Not clued about about suitable venues in Canterbury thou. Perhaps the Cathedral !!!

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Mar 8 2006 18:33

May 1 sounds good!

By the way, does anybody know if this

will be happening again this year?

And another thing, is anybody else a bit pissed off that someone got fined for swearing? See:

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Mar 9 2006 12:53

Hi - glad you'll be able to come along PD. I've sent an advance notice to Freedom about a Kent meeting on MayDay. Any Canterbury comrades able to propose a venue or meeting place? How about 1pm for getting together?

I've heard nowt about Mayday. If this meeting wasn't being planned I'd have probably gone to the trade union march in Londonn (dull but hey...)

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Mar 11 2006 14:23

Hi i live in Kent (near ashford) and am interested in joining/starting an anarchist group. Although will be unable to make a May the first meet as will be in london. Even though there's nothing really planned.

But will probably be able to attend most other dates.

Also i am interested in getting involved in actions in and around kent so let me know if anythings happening.

It is about time something started happening in Kent

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Jun 23 2019 20:04

News about Kent in a week or so