Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - full programme & info for 13 September

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Sep 2 2008 21:16
Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - full programme & info for 13 September

The full programme for the forthcoming Bristol Bookfair 2008 has now been made available online, and a paper version is at the printers. Full details here: and we think there's a pretty comprehensive turnout of stalls and workshops for what is essentially a regional event.

We hope the bookfair will provide a focal point for anarchists and those interested in anarchism from across the South West and South Wales, so if you can make it then do, and get down to some serious networking. The bookfair website provides a map/directions, and any queries can be posted up here or emailed direct to

As well as the politics there'll be plenty of socialising! There are benefit fundraisers on 5 September (Bath); 8 September (Bristol). There's a bookfair social or two on the night of the bookfair, and there's a post-bookfair cafe on the 14 September at the Kebele social centre. More details are here:

In addition there is supposed to be a social centres gathering on 14 September, all day, that is being organised via the social centres network (see for info about the network - Please contact for more info about that.

Here's hoping to meet comrades from across the region.