Calling all activists in Wales and beyond

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May 11 2006 16:25
Calling all activists in Wales and beyond

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got emailed this today:

This year's Earth First! Summer Gathering will be held from 16-20 August in West Wales - details in press release below.

Can YOU help us? Most importantly, bring yourself and your friends to the Gathering. Maybe you could also:

Offer to run a workshop on a campaign you're involved with, or share a useful skill.

Offer practical skills to help set up the Gathering (eg plumbing, marquee erection, setting up renewable power systems, joinery).

Offer materials and items (eg large tents and marquees, wood, blue water pipe, a comfy sofa for the gate tent).

Come along early to help set up the site, or stay afterwards to take everything down.

Circulate Earth First! posters and flyers in your local area (available in English and Welsh). These can be obtained from the contacts in the press release.

Publicise the Gathering in local newsletters and on local e-lists.

If you can help in any of the above ways, or others, let us know now.

11th May 2006



Earth First! invites everyone who wants to share skills and ideas on direct action for people and planet to come along to its Summer Gathering in West Wales from 16-20 August.

Are you fed up with bare-faced lies from politicians, big business and the media?

Have you had enough of a world where corporate profit comes before life and dignity?

Do you want to see an end to mindless consumption?

Want to do something to help save the planet?

Then this Gathering is for you!

Earth First! is all about organising in a non-hierarchical way. Join us for five days of low-impact eco-living, being together, playing, planning and plotting to avert the destruction of our precious planet. The Gathering will be all the wonderful things you make it. There will be workshops and practical sessions, discussions, outings and excursions, entertainment and FUN! Workshops already offered include: kids’ workshops; self-defence; climbing; action first-aid; Faslane 365; opposing road and airport expansion; setting up a squat, housing co-op or social centre; organising actions and campaigns; legal workshops; blockade tactics. Some sessions will link in with Climate Camp which will be held later in August. If you can help to run any of the above workshops or have something else to offer, please let us know at or by using one of the other contact addresses below. Commercial stalls aren’t welcome, but please bring along information about any groups, campaigns or actions you’re involved in.

Everyone at the Gathering helps out and every adult pays £15 towards running costs. GM-free vegan food will be available from Anarchist Teapot for £4 per day (3 meals). The Gathering happens in a field, so bring your own tent, sleeping bag, plenty of warm and waterproof clothes which we hope you won’t need and, if you’re catering for yourself, cooking equipment. There will be quiet and not-so-quiet, women’s/queer and accessible camping areas. A limited number of spaces are available for live-in vehicles for people who can’t camp – these must be booked in advance.

Facilities at the Gathering will include GM-free vegan food by Anarchist Teapot (3 meals a day for £4), a café by Veggies, first aid facilities, healing area, compost toilets, library, and a book/pamphlet stall by Repressed. There will be a women’s/queer space, a kids’ space, teen space, and a kids' kitchen.

We aim to make this an inclusive and accessible Gathering. The site is fairly level, although please bear in mind that it will be in a field. There will be an accessible compost toilet with hoist and a basic washing facility, also a place to charge electric wheelchairs. If you, or any child you are bringing with you, has any special needs, please let us know what these are in plenty of time.

If you have a dog, please leave it at home or with friends if you can. This year’s site is surrounded by sheep farms, and dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. If you really have to bring your dog, you must let us know in advance.

The nearest mainline stations will be posted on the web site at least one month before the Gathering, and the exact location will be announced a week before. For a map and travel details by post, please send a first class stamped, self-addressed envelope marked GATHERING MAP to the address below. We’ll post it back to you by August 9th. Alternatively check the web site from that date. The Gathering site is served by public transport, but for anyone who is unable to use the bus service, pick-ups can be arranged from the nearest stations. Please give us plenty of notice if you’ll need this service.


Write: EF!, 38 Wells Rd, Colchester, CO1 2YW.

Phone: 0845 223 5254


Web site:

There's lots more information about the Gathering on the web site, along with downloadable posters and leaflets in both English and Welsh (printed copies of these are also available from the address above).

Get in touch as soon as possible if you want publicity materials to distribute in your area, if you can offer or have ideas for workshops or other gathering activities, if you have any of the items on our "wish list", or if you have time before/after the Gathering to help set up or tat down the site.

See you all there!