South Wales Coalition Against the G8 meeting May 11th

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May 3 2006 14:44
South Wales Coalition Against the G8 meeting May 11th

8PM, Thursday May 11th

The Glamorgan Staff Club, Westgate Street, Cardiff

As you may know, the leaders of the world's 8 most industrialised, wealthy and powerful States are meeting in St.Petersburg, Russia this July 15th-17th. This year, opposition to the G8 is as important as ever.

The G8 are responsible for war, torture, repression, poverty, & environmental damage on a grand scale. Working locally against the policies & practices of the G8 is essential but mass mobilisations are crucially important as a rallying call to the millions who oppose the G8 in their daily lives, a direct challenge to their ability to control movement & repress dissent, & a chance to show our collective strength.

The next SWAG8 meeting will be a chance to discuss any solidarity actions, upcoming awareness raising events and importantly, a chance for those interested in going to Russia to discuss some practical stuff about travel. E-mail s_w_a_g_8[at] for more info on travel, visas etc, if you fancy spending your summer holidays in Russia!

Russian activists have called for as many internationals as possible to get to Russia for the G8 summit. Your presence will make a real difference. So get fundraising & take the chance of a lifetime for travel behind the old iron curtain. It'll be anything but dull...