Bristle mag no.15 out now - fighting talk for Bristol &

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Dec 11 2003 13:28
Bristle mag no.15 out now - fighting talk for Bristol &

Hi, just to let you know that Bristle no.15, winter 2003, is out now priced 150p laugh out loud

Bristle is an independent, anarchist influenced mag produced by a small collective who are based around the Kebele Kulture Project, in Easton, Bristol, although not all collective members are involved in Kebele, and articles/graphics/reviews etc come from a much wide source.

The mag is available from a variety of newsagents, record shops, pubs, cinemas & bookshops around Bristol, the most obvious being Greenleaf books in Colston St. Alternatively you can try and email, or write to Bristle, box 25, 82 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BB (cheques/PO's payable to Bristle). There's also a website at, although it's not currently completely upto date.

Bristle is always on the hunt for people to take on distro, sell to friends, write article/news/reviews etc. If you are interested email bristle!

cheers wink