June 30th - anti-war action in Bristol

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Jun 10 2004 22:53
June 30th - anti-war action in Bristol

Hi, got sent the info below and thought it may be of interest to activists on enrager:

MEET THE WARMONGERS... 7:30 am, meet at the Ministry of Defence, Filton Abbey Wood, Bristol. Bring mates, bikes, noise and whatever you want to take action...Use your imagination. Help put a spanner in the works of the Ministry of Death. Their business as usual means genocide. The so - called "handover" of power is a sham, the plan remains the same, with a puppet regime to make it all look legit! Meanwhile the people of Iraq continue to suffer under a new variety of tyrannical government... In solidarity with the people of Iraq. RESIST!

For more info and to download a pdf flyer see http://bristol.indymedia.org/newswire/display/16914/index.php

or email June_30th_2004@yahoo.co.uk

See you all there? wink